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Promoting a model of exploring sustainable lifestyles and Connecting Uganda’s traditional agricultural communities to tourism.

Hello, my name is Chris Mugasha.

Hello, my name is Chris Mugasha. I run the farm and lodge with my family members, my wife Kellen Atwikirize, our four children, three youngsters and other part time community members whom we support. We offer the combination of good quality accommodation, the experience of a real ecological farm and an insight in the rural life of Western Uganda.

By profession, I am a journalist, and a development worker with passion for Nature and environment. I am a self made person; I had to pay the school fees myself, from Primary to University while also catering for the rest of my social responsibilities

After training in Nature- and environmental journalism, I spend lot of time writing about Nature/environment. I visited many farmers from whom I learned a lot. I decided to embark on my mission to connect Uganda’s traditional agricultural communities to tourism.

My idea: what’s better than giving our brothers and sisters from other countries the opportunity to experience real village life in comfortable accommodations. Interactions with the local people will enrich both the visitors and the Villagers.

Muga Eco village’s mission is running and supporting activities that promote environmentally friendly approaches that contribute towards improving nature and environment hence mitigating the effects of climate change.

We started with the project of the banana plantation and later on added a piggery project. The farm has steadily expanded with several projects on the ground which include; apiary, coffee, orchard, goats, cows, fish farming, rabbits, agro-forestry, recreation gardens.

The farm promotes a model of exploring sustainable lifestyles not only in environmental but also in social, economic and spiritual terms. We also endeauvour to demonstrate agro-tourism techniques to our communities.

Muga Eco Village is an enterprise under Muga Group Consults Ltd, a company established and registered in Uganda.

An Experience like no other!

While at Muga ecovillage, you will get to experience crop, animal and fish farming, experience the unique life in Bushenyi and also have access to Queen Elizabeth National park, Karinju forest, Kitagata hot spring, Bwindi impenetrable, Kazinga Channel, Rwenzori mtn and other touristic spots in the region.

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