While at Muga Eco Village, one gets the opportunity to see different local and sustainable enterprises in agriculture. These include coffee growing, fish farming, piggery, fruit orchard, local goats, cows, rabbits, banana plantation, millet growing, and beans. We also practice agroforestry where crops and trees support each other, growing a healthy harvest.

Our guests are given the opportunity to participate in all the above, day-to-day farming chores during their stay. It is an exciting experience and entertaining on top of learning. At Muga Eco Village you get the real way of Village and agriculture life.


With coffee, one is taken to the garden to harvest, dry it in a local manner on tub liners. We sell our eco-friendly coffee, but for our guests, we also roast it, then pound it in a local/traditional pounding container (eshekuro). Then we brew our own coffee. How do you think the coffee you roasted, pounded, and brewed yourself will taste?

Our coffee helps bees by providing them with food that they turn into honey. The bees also play an important role in coffee’s production process because they encourage cross-pollination of the coffee plants which improves the ripening, size, and uniformity of the coffee beans. This in turn increases coffee yields as a greater amount of pollen is added to the stigma of each plant and this leads to greater diversity. Without Bees there would be no or little pollination leading to smaller harvest, so we need to protect bees wherever possible. It’s an exciting place to visit the beehives. but it’s only for those who don’t fear the sting!!



Visitors will get the opportunity to go fishing at the fish ponds at the farm. Traditionally we harvest the fish by nets, but you can also use the local angling technique, we will be glad to help you. Of course, you can roast the freshly caught fish at the farm, or we can do it for you.



Trips/tours are organized for our visitors to Tourist attraction sites like; Tea estates in Kyamuhunga, Katsyoha-Kitomi-Karinju rain forest, Lake Katunga a communal lake, Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Boat cruise along the 48kilometre Kazinga Channel (on Lake Edward-Lake George), Kitagata hot springs, Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi-Mughinga Impenetrable National park (for gorilla tracking), Mt. Rwenzori, (glaciers), The Climbing Lions in Ishasha, Chimpanzees in Kyambura gorge, Kabale and Kisoro hills. For some of these tours, one can choose to drive there early in the morning and sleep/stay at Muga Eco Village in the evening. We will give you an excursion offer fitting your wishes.

Also, Tours to all tourist attraction sites in Uganda can be organized.



Have you ever milked cows? Our guests are welcome to help in the early morning or evening local/traditional milking session, the milk will be used to prepare your tea.


Muga Eco Village is an affordable place to stay. One enjoys the home village community setting where one experiences the real community village life. The Eco Village is situated in a traditional community with diverse cultures, some physical features like Irembezi- and Kyangyenyi hills where communal trekking is organized. There you can view and experience the traditional ways of living.

There is an interesting story about these hills including those of Bachwezi dynasty whereby at night you see these hills on fire burning but whenever one attempts to reach there to put off the fire; there is no fire!! Even in the next morning, one can’t trace where fire was burning. We can also take you to a nearby brick-laying ‘industry’. You can experience how bricks are made traditionally. This local ‘industry’ employs many people who earn a living from this activity.

Other important activities while at Muga Eco Village

  • Community walks (both guided and unguided)
  • Walk to Local markets including Nyakabirizi weekly market (Wednesday) for fresh food, banana, fruits.
  • Walk to Kabagarame pork market (Saturday)
  • Craft shops- African traditional attire
  • Church services.
  • Walk to the only pork market in Uganda that is; the Kabaragame Pork market which operates only on Saturday.


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