Activities in Bushenyi town


Muga Eco Village is an affordable place to stay. One enjoys the home village community setting where one experiences the real community village life. The Eco Village is situated in a traditional community with diverse cultures, some physical features like Irembezi- and Kyangyenyi hills where communal trekking is organized. There you can view and experience the traditional ways of living.

There is an interesting story about these hills including those of Bachwezi dynasty whereby at night you see these hills on fire burning but whenever one attempts to reach there to put off the fire; there is no fire!! Even in the next morning, one can’t trace where fire was burning. We can also take you to a nearby brick-laying ‘industry’. You can experience how bricks are made traditionally. This local ‘industry’ employs many people who earn a living from this activity.

Other important activities while at Muga Eco Village

  • Community walks (both guided and unguided)
  • Walk to Local markets including Nyakabirizi weekly market (Wednesday) for fresh food, banana, fruits.
  • Walk to Kabagarame pork market (Saturday)
  • Craft shops- African traditional attire
  • Church services.
  • Walk to the only pork market in Uganda that is; the Kabaragame Pork market which operates only on Saturday.



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