How Muga Eco-Village benefits the community

The farm promotes a model of exploring sustainable lifestyles not only in environmental but also in social, economic and spiritual terms. We also endeavor to demonstrate agro-tourism techniques to our communities.

Muga Eco village’s mission is running and supporting activities that promote environmentally friendly approaches that contribute towards improving nature and environment hence mitigating the effects of climate change.

The surrounding communities benefit from the farm through acquiring practical skills training, accessibility to inputs, especially seedlings and offering them jobs.

Muga Eco Village stimulates rural families/villages to practice sustainable small-scale agriculture. The families use the income from agriculture/agri-tourism to improve their livelihoods.

We inspire & mentor the youth & the farm acts as a demonstration site for the public using its affordable models. We also link farmers to markets and build their capacity to establish micro-village enterprises & strategic partnerships.

Travelers visiting Muga Eco village learn about local culture this helps to bridge the social-cultural gaps.

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