Bees play a critical role in coffee production at Muga Eco Village

Many people know the importance of bees only as providing delicious honey. But pay a visit to Muga Eco Village, you will come to know and appreciate that bees play a critical role on other crops. This is evidenced in our coffee plantation whereby one may think bees have invaded our coffee plantation only to look for food from the flowering coffee. Yes they (bees) are looking for food but they are also helping our coffee on  cross pollination which improves the ripening, size and uniformity of the coffee beans. This in turn increases coffee yields as a greater amount of pollen is added to the stigma of each plant and this leads to greater diversity. Among pollinators, bees are already known worldwide for their prominent role in the ecosystem service of pollination.

Bees/apiary and coffee are both enterprises at Muga Eco Village promoting agri-tourism and as concepts of poverty eradication in rural areas of Bushenyi district.



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