Lay. Canon Keloy Bashaasha

By Chris Mugasha

The name Bashaasha is one of the ‘household names’ in Bushenyi, Ankole region and the entire Nation-Uganda.

To those with the name Bashaasha, it  must be taking you/them time to describe themselves how they don’t come from Bashaasha-of Bushenyi but some may be saying ‘yes’ we come from Bashaasha of Bushenyi just for their day to pass!

Yes, Mzee.Can Yorokamu Bashaasha (Senior) has built this brand-Bashaasha for overtime!  But there is this Great Woman Lay. Can. Keloy Bashaasha who has rested after contributing greatly towards the brand-Bashaasha!

Along the way/process of building this brand, Keloy never disappointed their efforts. She didn’t look back! She gave Bashaasha time to work and build the name! She sat home, worked and played his great role of building the family.

Keloy concentrated on the family and apart from the children; Keloy dedicated her efforts to farming.

Keloy is part of the generation that we shall miss and a generation that we may not get again!

Omukazi ogu akashutama omukaye tiyaba owa taaru-taaruu nk’abahati! She never bothered to pressurize her husband to look for riches….otherwise I guess Mzee would have migrated to places with bigger resources especially land but she remained contented with the little they possessed!

She remained patient…… and settled for a ‘modest life’.

Keloy, we have grown up looking at you as a no-nonsense Mother! Your A has been A! You never tolerated rugambo!
You’ve been open minded interms of ‘thinking’!
A woman who has been valuing her time- all the time!
You gave your family/children/husband….time!
Mzee Bashaasha is one of the Smartest ‘Guys’ we’ve around Bushenyi (if not in the Country) and we know it’s largely because of your efforts/tips!!
We know your husband (Bashaasha-Senior) is a bit political but to you Keloy, politics never took your time otherwise you would have rested while in a local council representing like women or the elderly. But you remained a leader and you’ve died an opinion Leader.

Lay. Canon Keloy Bashaasha (in blue) and her husband Lay.Canon Yorokamu Bashaasha

Okashutamira eka yaawe wagikoreera, wakwata kiboko, wakuuma ebihaama byeka yawe…..haza mwagyombeka!!

Above all, okakunda ekanisa, wagihereza, wagihabura and West Ankole Diocese giving you the title of Canon was not in any way a mistake but you qualified for it (thanks to Bishop Emeritus Rt.Rev Yona Katuneene.)

Keloy, you’ve been a rare specie around!
You have been playing a big role in guiding and counseling people especially the young marrieds on matters of building a family/marriage.

‘Omukazi, Omushaija, Omwaana atwaaza ati…….’ was always part of your discussion and that was being Motherly!

Your contribution on the development of Bushenyi and the Country is very visible through your children who are serving the Country in different capacities.

Webare kukuma e’ibaara ryeka yawe hamwe ne’ibara ry’omukazi.

Go and rest in Peace, Maama!!

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