Eco-Friendly Cottages

Our traditionally built cottages have the local touch/finishes with wooden balcony perched in a green surrounding. They are located on the edge of a steep slope providing a spectacular view of the wetland where there are fishponds.

They are well integrated in the landscape; there is no noise (apart from some early morning birds) and no pollution. For the buildings we have used as many as possible local materials so as to reduce the environmental impact. Our electricity comes from hydropower and solar panels. All beds have mosquito nets.

When you step out of the cottages you will find yourself in our beautiful, spacious garden with many flowers.

Family cottage; Crested Crane

This cottage has got two self-contained bedrooms, with twin beds. The rooms are connected, but each has its own entrance. So you can rent also just one room in the family cottage. In these rooms, each has a small cubic where we can provide a gas cooker for a guest/traveler so you can prepare a simple meal for yourself. But of course, we welcome our guests to eat at our restaurant.

  • Family cottage is U$100 per night (full board) and it can accommodate four people

Twin Cottage

We have a cottage with two double rooms. Each room is fitted with a wooden balcony overlooking the swamp/wetland where our fish farming is located. Early in the morning, one enjoys mist scenery. In this cottage, there is one room where one can also move the bed to the balcony and sleep outside with two beds.

  • The accommodation price is U$40-full board per person (per night.)


Feel free to contact us for prices for longer stays or when you don’t want full board.

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